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STARKERZ Glove Care Instructions

Give your gloves a couple weeks to break in and mold to your hand. Take care of your gloves and they will take care of your hands.

To keep your gloves in tip top shape we recommend

Hand Wash

Hand wash with mild soap then pat dry with a towel. Don’t ring out water before drying; this could damage the gloves.

Keep Dry After Use

After use, turn your gloves inside out and let them dry before putting in your bag after working out.

Don’t Pull Threads

Carefully trim any threads you spot with sharp scissors or singe with a lighter. Pulling at threads could damage your gloves.


If your gloves become sweaty or slippery, use a bit of chalk on gloves to absorb moisture and help with the grip on the gloves. We actually recommend putting a small amount of chalk on your hands before you get started.